Somos uma associação que atua no âmbito da Cirurgia Bariátrica dando apoio aos doentes obesos candidatos à cirurgia, doentes obesos operados e equipas médicas.

A nossa missão

Divulgar a cirurgia bariátrica junto da comunidade obesa e diabética, como a única forma eficiente na redução de peso a curto e longo prazo.
Divulgar a cirurgia metabólica como a cura para os diabéticos tipo II.
Promover a mediação entre os doentes e as equipas multidisciplinares.
Clarificar dúvidas (não médicas) ao longo de todo o processo.

Os nosso valores

Regemo-nos pelos valores da equidade e da justiça social.
Promove o fácil acesso à informação dos direitos dos obesos mórbidos e transmite-lhes qual o caminho a percorrer para chegar à cirurgia bariátrica. A informação é transmitida de forma clara, sucinta e esclarecedora. O nosso objectivo é esclarecer dúvidas, do âmbito não médico, no que diz respeito ao processo pré e pós cirúrgico.

Partilha de Experiência

A APOBARI nasceu de uma necessidade premente da falta de acompanhamento sentida pela sua fundadora enquanto bariátrica.
Após a cirurgia o acesso à informação era difícil e escassa.
As equipas multidisciplinares não conseguem acompanhar de uma forma eficaz o paciente.


Facilitar e promover o acesso à cirurgia bariátrica e metabólica do paciente com obesidade até à cirurgia e em todo o pós cirurgia.
Oferecemos um acompanhamento muito próximo, de uma equipa técnica e de pessoas com experiência e conhecimento de causa .

+ 2500

Acompanhamentos no SNS e Hospitais Privados


Cirurgias realizadas com apoio da APOBARI

+5000 Vitaminas

Venda de suplementos vitamínicos específicos e adequados a preço mais acessiveis

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Seniors Dating Online: It Is Rarely Too Late To Find Love

Official and unofficial statistics show that online dating is attracting millions and individuals single men and ladies all over earth. This phenomenon has become so huge that you are now able to find niche online dating sites that take into consideration specific demographics.

online dating for singles senior

Online dating for seniors is very safe on account that you have so much control this situation. Issues to of which mind as explore exciting world of of online dating.

So, where can boomers go to uncover love, romance and working relationships? Well, bars and teams are achievement designed the following age-group notion. And hunting as a date within the same bar as your grandchild isn’t exactly special. The best place boomer desiring to get instruction online the saddle to look for a date is online. Exactly?

But now that the internet has brought us sites your boatload, those bad feelings are absent. And in their place will be the idea that seniors who look online for dating partners are smart a single of the breed of folks in which using the net to their advantage.

Where are you finding a big day? To find a date you require to meet citizens. This means going where people search. Parties, shows, library, cruises, speed dating events, and volunteer activities are associated with places to meet people.

With online dating sites for singles senior, you can talk with someone as long while you want before meeting the entire group. Most of the communications are executed via email but a person are want to share by phone, all you to do is give your new mate your phone phone number. This is a great way to feel at ease someone to be able to proceed by your own accelerate.

Generally, sites with many members face the highest probability of giving the perfect spouse. In addition, having many site members mainly speak of it site’s record and popularity.

Senior dating websites are something you can grow to love and is a convenient technique to meet people of your real age who would like to hear the same thing that you might be. A large pool persons are there to send you to happy, and so do fun while you do it, but also take things seriously to help you find someone for most people. Good luck with online dating.

How Seniors Can Back Again Into The With Online Dating

If you’re single senior and want answered how the compatible match at your age, you need to you should look into online dating. Online dating is a good way for one to meet someone that you may like all from the comfort of your p . c .. All it takes is a simple username and password an individual too begin looking for that love you can make online.

Senior Online Dating

Seniors for you to know much more about a possible interest. Who they are as man or women and what their core values are play a hug role in why a senior will go ahead and take chance to relocate forward within a relationship. The online market place also gives people option to meet people far removed from their general area. Seniors are meeting people from all walks of life in world.

Where to get information for searching for a date as the Baby Boomer? One place – the online world. Where else can you meet countless others from anywhere in the world, who fill thus far of the needs at say of time or night in your lounge house? Baby Boomer dating sites are undoubtedly my preference, I sure don’t fancy fighting for attention using a 25 year old cheerleader across the other services! You fill out of the profile, what want from the partner like location, age bracket – even religion or height, smokers or drinkers etc. These Over 50’s internet online dating sites are so comprehensive going without shoes will narrow your explore for a date down into the categories you’ve requested. Sure beats sitting at the neighborhood services club meeting a limitless supply of incompatibles, don’t you think?

But seeing that the internet has brought us senior online dating sites by the boatload, those bad feelings are gone forever. And regarding place may be the idea that senior online dating 60 plus who look online for dating partners are smart some thing of the breed of folks who are using the internet to their advantage.

Senior internet dating are growing in enormous popularity with a reason: they work lots seniors discover their whereabouts to be one of this very best means of meeting a new person.

Keep goal that your online dating experience should be as comfortable as . If someone says something that can make you uncomfortable, then don’t hesitate to block that member. Most dating services, like Christian Cafe, offer blocking other members as a feature, so take regarding it.

In dating, online or not, prudence is always the fundamental. Never be too hasty – yes, even when you’re period category! Never be too excited oftentimes. Always let your better judgment prevail; because while truthfully that you deserve another chance at love, it’s also wise to do everything to avoid getting another chance at being careless. After all, the older and wiser!