Somos uma associação que atua no âmbito da Cirurgia Bariátrica dando apoio aos doentes obesos candidatos à cirurgia, doentes obesos operados e equipas médicas.

A nossa missão

Divulgar a cirurgia bariátrica junto da comunidade obesa e diabética, como a única forma eficiente na redução de peso a curto e longo prazo.
Divulgar a cirurgia metabólica como a cura para os diabéticos tipo II.
Promover a mediação entre os doentes e as equipas multidisciplinares.
Clarificar dúvidas (não médicas) ao longo de todo o processo.

Os nosso valores

Regemo-nos pelos valores da equidade e da justiça social.
Promove o fácil acesso à informação dos direitos dos obesos mórbidos e transmite-lhes qual o caminho a percorrer para chegar à cirurgia bariátrica. A informação é transmitida de forma clara, sucinta e esclarecedora. O nosso objectivo é esclarecer dúvidas, do âmbito não médico, no que diz respeito ao processo pré e pós cirúrgico.

Partilha de Experiência

A APOBARI nasceu de uma necessidade premente da falta de acompanhamento sentida pela sua fundadora enquanto bariátrica.
Após a cirurgia o acesso à informação era difícil e escassa.
As equipas multidisciplinares não conseguem acompanhar de uma forma eficaz o paciente.


Facilitar e promover o acesso à cirurgia bariátrica e metabólica do paciente com obesidade até à cirurgia e em todo o pós cirurgia.
Oferecemos um acompanhamento muito próximo, de uma equipa técnica e de pessoas com experiência e conhecimento de causa .

+ 2500

Acompanhamentos no SNS e Hospitais Privados


Cirurgias realizadas com apoio da APOBARI

+5000 Vitaminas

Venda de suplementos vitamínicos específicos e adequados a preço mais acessiveis

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12 key element ways to develop a college considerable work for you

12 key element ways to develop a college considerable work for you

Along with the availability of online college gatherings or various internet conferences opportunities, it is usually tempting to consider a give the crowds along with skip starting the annually gathering of faculties at the people or lifestyle center.

Nevertheless that would be an error in judgment. While at times hectic, college fairs provide unique opportunities to make a great deal more personal links with colleges on your variety. And extra fat better strategy to establish a romance than to begin a face-to-face conversation.

There are a few fundamental rules, nevertheless. First, burn your friends and don’t consider acollege fair any social function. Do a little progress planning together with strategize related to schools you’re going to visit and you’re going to express.

Do wander the bedroom aimlessly. Often be purposeful plus serious about the company of getting to be aware of colleges. And also take ideas on what you’ve learned.

‘Students shouldn’t only start with one conclude of the honest and do the job their means down some row involving tables, ‘ explained a person veteran coordinator. ‘They must target organisations in which they’re interested and never waste time standing in long traces for educational institutions they realize are traveling to their great schools within coming period. ‘

Rather than miss possibility to make a fantastic first impression. It’s quite likely the fact that smiling experience on the other side belonging to the table would be among those studying your application. And so show your fascination by coming back again the laugh, making eyes contact in addition to being well mannered.

If a college fair is within your future, consider these 12 tips on how to make the working experience work for you:

  • Sign up . With regard to fairs featuring opportunities with regard to online registrations, feel free to let them know you’re heading by enrolling in. Not only does it save precious time, but for some fairs you happen to be rewarded that has a handy barcode you can use towards leave contact information with institution reps.
  • Print labeling. Printing labels together with name, emailing and contact addresses, phone-number, high school, twelve months of university, and area of academic interest— if you have an individual. Then take advantage of the labels to stay onto college-interest cards or maybe lists. The simple rule will leave you more time to experience ‘meaningful’ approaching people with college reps. And in many cases if you know typically the fair is normally ‘automated, ‘ bring just a few labels since colleges generally appear at one more minute and always have the means to access the barcode system.
  • Bring some sort of backpack . Although many educational facilities are going ‘green’ and don’t produce as much print material readily available, a fair is still an opportunity to get hold of glossy pamphlets and handouts. Be prepared using a backpack or something similar to trolley the stuff home.
  • Be organized. Draw up a long list of colleges of which you intend to make contact. If the map is provided before you get there, note locations in the convention hall and think about just how you’ll get derived from one of exhibit to a different one.
  • Put in doubt. Don’t look foolish simply by asking for tips that’s easily obtainable on the faculty website or maybe in print elements. Do a little homework in advance of the particular fair and have 3 to 5 thoughts ready to question on issues of importance back to you. Probe meant for insight and enquire of follow-up questions to deepen your own understanding.
  • Elevator throw. Every school applicant will need to have an ‘elevator pitch’ in which you sum up likes and dislikes, goals, approvals, and what perhaps you may bring to a university community. Yet be aware that deal with time at the college rational will be minimal, and the message should take just one minute or any longer as compared with an average elevator ride.
  • Explore. Make sure to visit with classes you might not consider or whose names seem to be less well-known to you. Fairs offer low-risk opportunities meant for broadening your own personal horizons.
  • Attend material sessions. Lots of fairs deliver workshops that you can learn more about college search, plan completion or financial aid. This really is your opportunity to ask questions and become better advised about the app process in most cases.
  • Carry notes. Take a write and notebook or a smartphone/tablet. Fairs can be chaotic, yet try to create a minute to see any information you feel is important. It may be a element you want to lady later or perhaps you may listen to something that the school especially attractive to people. These bites of information is usually quite useful in the case of answering the actual question about why you desire to attend a precise college.
  • Get special business cards. For those colleges in which you realize you are curious or people schools where you made an excellent connection with often the rep, receive a business cards. Follow-up which has a brief e mail after the occasion referring to your personal conversation. Thank you information are always loved.
  • Find out the material. As soon as you get home, evaluate the information anyone received. Go through it possibly even. Then utilize this information for a basis even more exploration— look into websites, access it mailing lists, and also plan the campus have a look at.
  • Commence early. Shouldn’t wait until fall of more mature year to wait your first higher education fair. Get familiar with the very ‘fair scene’ by visiting community events early on in your school career.

The College Board Backs Straight down. Amherst Higher education

The College Board Backs Straight down. Amherst Higher education

It took slightly arm rotating. But right after FairTest, the more Education Experts Association (HECA), and the Domestic College Remonstrance Group (NCAG) came out versus College Deck plans plan an freakish August POSED for an ‘elite’ group of well-to-do students, the test was referred to as off.

‘We are an organization of individual college advisors whose suggested goals will include a commitment to be able to equal access to higher education for all students, ‘ said a communication conveyed on the College Board from the HECA Board regarding Directors. ‘For that factor we compose to demand that the College Board reconsider its determination to offer a August check date with a select few… We consider this a matter of fairness, equity, along with ultimately, easy access. ‘

Unsurprisingly, the College Panel came about to that state of mind and chosen against going forward with what was initially labeled some ‘pilot’ the summer months SAT planned to take place in late a three-week intensive summer SAT cooking program google’s paid by the Nationwide Society for your Gifted and Talented.

From a letter given to AMERICA Today together with sent to Barbara Swicord, organizer program of the The summer months Institute for the Gifted, the College Board says it would certainly not proceed with all the program since ‘it won’t serve this organization’s objective of raising access plus equity throughout education, ‘ and ‘certain aspects of the actual summer program run table to our goal as well as our beliefs around SAT groundwork and performance. ‘

The September test time came under shoot after At the Stone, a private college manager, contacted the faculty Board utilizing concerns about how exactly the specific test gives an above market advantage in order to ‘an economically elite section of the college-going population. ‘

The issue intensified after the CHICAGO Times revealed that the College or university Board that will lump the exact tests together with the June, 2012 SAT’s, making it unattainable for school admissions followers to detect who was on the list of privileged several receiving the special benefit of any privately-administered HID.

Even after changing the test right into a ‘pilot’ analyze for identifying the feasibility of a the summer months test, the group Board would not continue to fight very public criticism from individuals and even groups employing college-bound college students throughout the state.

In a observe circulated towards the National Connection for Institution Admission Counselling (NACAC), Bob Schaeffer, open education representative for FairTest, expressed understand for the aid he attained from agencies and NACAC members ‘who helped strain the College Deck to end the following clearly illegal program. ‘

10 Easy Tips for ‘Internship Success’

Kids are beginning to learn what undergrads already know with regards to internships— people enhance the application, help grow job skills, and can be getting to of all-important recommendations for the.

While undergrads are usually first in line for top level internships, a lot of local college-bound high schoolers have agreed to summer internships at a number of businesses together with non-profit agencies.

These tasks can be as small as a 7 days or can last an entire summer months. Some that are included with stipends, but are unsettled and provide other kinds of ‘experiential’ advantages such as ideas for science reasonable projects or possibly opportunities to learn about marketable abilities.

Wherever anyone land in this summer, make sure your occasion is well spent by maintaining in mind all these ten ‘internship success’ hints:

  1. Dress for achievement . To be taken to a great extent, work on making a ‘professional’ look by dressing up the part. How you would look implies level of readiness and how in a position you are so that you can assume duty.
  2. Turn up early in addition to stay later . Certainly make a good impression for anyone who is ready to do the job a few minutes fast and don’t speed out the door all in all. It’s the strategy for attitude. In the event you convey that the work is essential to you, you may gain the main respect regarding others.
  3. Check the mobile at the entry . Your pals can wait. Sneaking any peak for text messages or possibly succumbing towards the distraction to a buzzing Blackberry mobile phones will lose an individual points between co-workers. Await agreed-upon pops to post up-dates on Facebook or myspace. Better yet, wait until the end of waking time and do this on your own period.
  4. Find out and require notes . Show curiosity about the overall assignment of the relationship and try to get up to speed on regular projects before starting your internships. Remember that approach what some others say illustrates you’re many to run the risk of forgetting a little something.
  5. Be encouraging and hospitable . Make sure to keep stamina high, acknowledge people, and grow friendly. Enjoy each task as a discovering opportunity on a communicate feeling of boredom or displeasure by seem or ideas.
  6. Community and create relationships. Should not shy concerning interacting with your personal supervisor/mentor as well as co-workers along with interns. Some humanitarian for undertakings and assignments. Your desire and inspiration for the work will be thought of long after anyone leave.
  7. Improve competencies. Whether it’s authoring, speaking, modifying, or all sorts of things specifically work-related such as understanding new computer software or a coding language, knowingly work to be able to upgrade ability. These kinds of abilities will not only help college hopes but might also make you more employable later on.
  8. Stand out through the level of quality of your give good results . Participate in a good job, put in doubt if you’re uncertain, be on precious time with duties, and always the actual best possible job— a good mentality speaks volumes and may be recognised with strong character individual references.
  9. Watch out with advertising and marketing. How your individual co-workers check out your social media marketing posts may have a huge impact to show you they see you being a person. Do not fooled into thinking that even if people usually are ‘connected’ on hand, they won’t call at your posts as well as photos— these things lasts once and for all and can from time to time be obtained in strange or unexpected sites.
  10. Gather a advice. When your internship is over, you can ask your guide, supervisor as well as someone an individual worked carefully with for that letter of recommendation. And then be sure to keep in touch. Due to know anytime that additional reference or possibly recommendation may well come in handy.

Note that most of these tips are applicable in other kinds of ‘employment’ predicaments. Whether you flipping burgers for the summertime or executing community provider, take pride in what you do and how do it! The buddies you make in this summer can be the start of a technique that will last for many years.